Dr. Bynum is skilled at performing many dental procedures. Dr. Bynum has been proudly serving the Valdosta, Georgia community for years with quality dental care and welcomes patients from throughout the Quitman, Adel, Thomasville, GA and the Madison, FL areas. Below is a list of these procedures with links to more detailed information on the topic.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Fillings are a tooth-colored alternative to traditional amalgam fillings
Crowns and Bridges are restorations of the visible structure of a severely damaged tooth
Specialty Dentures are removable replacement teeth
Gum Recontouring procedures change the shape and appearance of gums
Dental Implants are a better solution to the problem of missing teeth
Dental Veneers are thin shells of plastic or porcelain that cover just the visible portion of your teeth
Teeth Whitening is a safe and effective way to quickly deliver a dramatic change to your smile.

Sedation Dentistry
Nitrous Oxide is an effective way to help you stay comfortable during a dental procedure.
Oral Sedation is an option for patients to be comfortably sedated through a dental visit.

Preventative Dentistry
Dental Examinations are a crucial part of preventative dentistry
X-Rays take pictures called radiographs that show the interior of dental structures
Cleaning is part of a proper oral hygiene program
Scaling is a deep-cleaning procedure
Polishing is often the last step of a dental cleaning, scaling, and some restorative procedures

Dental Problems
Abscessed Tooth is a painful condition caused by infection.
Bad Breath (Halitosis) is common and often has a dental cause
Cavities and Tooth decay is the process of a tooth’s mineral content being dissolved. A cavity, or caries, is the actual hole in a tooth that is caused by tooth decay
Dry Mouth is caused by an inadequate supply of saliva
Fluorosis is a defect in tooth enamel caused by excessive fluoride in young children
Gum Disease (Gingivitis) is an inflammation of the gums
Impacted/Wisdom Teeth are teeth that fail to properly emerge through the gums
Jaw Disorders come from the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
Oral Cancer can be detected early and North Valdosta Dental Care can be your first line of defense
Periodontal Disease (Periodontitis) is advanced gum disease
Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that coats teeth.
Sensitive Teeth is a very common problem that can be treated effectively
Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) is either the clenching or grinding of teeth
Toothaches are commonly caused by the presence of a cavity or an abscess

Braces/Invisalign can correct a “bad bite” by exerting a gentle pressure to straighten teeth
Extractions/Wisdom Tooth Removal is a safe and routing procedure for the removal of a tooth
Root Canal is a dental procedure designed to remove infection from the soft center of a tooth
Sealants protect teeth from tooth decay by adding a protective layer to keep out plaque